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Well I"m off to hunt Javelina's in Arizona (unit 32).  this will be my son's first hunt. He's 29 and home for awhile after his second tour in Irac (Marine) Like most kids he grew away from archery after high school and girls. He's back at it now and I'm on top of the world.  He's called 5 times checking his list of gear.  LOL (big smile on my face).  I hope everyone has a great New-Year. DesertDude..............

wyatts daddy:
Have fun desertdude. I wish i was out there with ya. Great unit keep a close eye on the washes.

D.Dude, You Son has made two tours in the sand and he's home to hunt with you? Your hunt already has a successful ending.  :thumbsup:   Great to know yall will be out there sharing time together!  :clapper:   Happy New Year made happy already! CK

Good Luck to you and your Marine!!  We're headed out in a couple of days to try our luck in a couple of units north of Tucson.


Jack Shanks:
I'm leaving Friday to also hunt north of Tucson. My permit is for area 33 and 37B. I also will be hunting MT lion and coues deer. I've never hunted in Arizona or any of these animals before so it's an all new experience for me.

Good luck everyone!


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