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Quinnvantage revisited.


Some guys may remember that over this summer, I used quinn stallion limbs and an old provantage riser to create what I call the quinnvantage. Here are the links:

Since that time, I have acquired a second set of limbs, which are heavier and had the riser powdercoated.

So far, at my 31" draw, I have a set of limbs that gives me 47# and a set that gives me 56#. The 56# limbs were the black finish that I put some skin eez diamondback stickers on the back. The 47# limbs are clear glass and look nice as well.

The riser has alot of deflex so it is very forgiving. The limbs are quick. Due to my shoulder surgery, I have not been able to shoot the bow through the chronograph, but it had a similar speed to my proline warf, by my naked eye. It is very, very quiet. The project is described in an older post, but essentially I took a quinn limb and cut the butt slightly and epoxied the original style limb rockers on the bow. This allowed me to use the original limb pocket with no modification. I cut a slot in the limb butt, which allows me to slip the limb into the pocket without taking out the limb bolt.

Here are some photos. The bow has a nice look to it, in my oppinion. That riser cost me $5.00, the powdercoating was $15.00, about $100 for this set of limbs, and $100 for the clear glass limbs...that's it. $220 for the bow with two sets of limbs. Whatchathink???  It's not for sale...

Pictures aren't there    :confused:


I'm impressed!  Looks like a real fun bow.   :D   It's attractive too.


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