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Rob DiStefano:
                                                COMPLETE LIST OF SMF BBC CODE TAGS AND HOW TO USE THEM                                               

Rob DiStefano:

there are switches and gadgets in there to personally tailor your forum experience - and data info, too!

Rob DiStefano:
trad gang is a forum that is comprised of categories of boards, here are the categories ...

there may be a category that you can't see - such as the contributing member classifieds - because you don't have access to those boards.

to the right of all categories is an icon that's either or

if the icon is the plus sign () that means the boards within it are hidden - click that icon and all the boards will appear. 

Rob DiStefano:

why can't they be sorted in order of date??????

the problem is that ALL private messages - the ones from the OLD trad gang and the ones here on the NEW trad gang - are NOT stored by date, they're stored by an identifying number that's incrementally assigned as they are created. 

SO, that means that the incremented number and the date the PM was created form a positive relationship where both the incremented PM number and the date of the PM will not be the same, but will always be in sync.   and therein lies the problem - the PM's brought over from the old trad gang had numbers that the new system could not use, so the new system assigned INCREMENTING numbers to new PM's here in the new system. 

CONFUSED?  understandably so.  suffice to say, if all PM's from the OLD system were removed, the NEW system PM's will sort by date, because their assigned PM numbers would increment in date order.


Rob DiStefano:
Search Engine Woes ...

if you do a search for the phrase Bone Broadheads, you will get a zillion replies because the search engine will search for each of those words separately and not the entire two word phrase ...

17 PAGES of results ...

instead, encapsulate the phrase with quotes as "Bone Broadheads", and you will get replies specific to that complete phrase ...

3 specific results ...


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