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Ryan Sanpei:
Aloha Gang,

Thanks to Terry and Rob, we now have a "Hawaiian Connection" Forum.

I'd like to use this forum to share my Hawaiian bowhunting adventures as well as hearing about yours. In addition, I'd like to provide a resource for those who'd like to visit.

As a resource, I'll be creating a post for each of the islands and hopefully anyone with insightful information will reply with their experiences. Together, we'll compile a list private and public land hunting areas, recommended guides, places to stay, things to do, etc.

I also want to create a traditional harvest post for our islands. For the harvest pics, please also indicate the island.

I have a few other ideas, but these are the ones that I'd like to get started.

Ryan Sanpei

Terry Green:

Great idea! I am going over in 2014 with the I got a whole bunch of stuff to read and obsess about before I go  :)

Doug Campbell:
Aloha Buddy, tickled you got this together Ryan!

HI is one of my favorite places in the world guys and the Island hospitality is one of the main reasons. Ryan and his lovely bride Staci are some of the finest examples. Really looking forward to following this forum.

Ryan Sanpei:
Mike awesome!  Which island???

Hey Doug!  Thank you for the kind words. We missed you guys this year.  Hopefully you guys will be here next year???



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