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Mississippi Traditional Bowhunters Roll call again?

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Bucks really chasing this week in north west delta. This cold front coming may continue some excellent rut hunting.  I am worthless at work!!

South MS Bowhunter:
A buddy killed a big beautiful buck in the Tchula area.

Finally got back to camp yesterday and I didn’t find hardly any sign. Few small rubs and scrapes and that’s all.  Found some good pinch points that I thought would be hot but nothing. Gonna go back wed and Thursday and see what happens. Good luck y’all !!!

Any of y’all in the cwd area ?

South MS Bowhunter:
I'm not. Way South in Jackson county with very low deer density as well.  I just finished up my journal notes for the year.

I hunted the whole season to my detriment on a piece of private land I have permission to hunt.

I either hunted from a tree stand, natural ground blind, or a very few times (less than half dozen) with my rifle in a shooting house or tri- pod a 144 hours this year.

Out of that 144 hours i seen 8 deer, thats right 8 deer!  I had one shot opportunity with my bow and short drew and missed low.  had one shot opportunity with my rifle and passed on it (a young spike).

I need to hunt up north more and on the public land within a few mile of home.  I see more deer there.


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