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Hammered one out today


Hammered one out this Thanksgiving morning. Tempering now.

Sam Harper:
What a great way to spend Thanksgiving morning. I don't know about you, but we've been having great weather the last few days. Perfect for knife making. Be sure to post some follow up pictures. I like these Work In Progress threads.

i like it! looking forward to seeing it when it's dressed up and through the grinding.

Going to work on this quite a bit today. Here she is after some cleanup and rough grinding. Just going for a simple drop point style with full tang. I'm different I guess in that when I forge a blade I want it to look a little forged. I could grind every hammer mark out but that's not my style I guess when I forge. I like a little forge 'signatures' in my stuff. To each their own

Looks Great Tim .

I have had a drive to firge some knives, and hope to yet before they throw dirt on me ;)

Like a good basic drop point like this , and I also like character in a blade same as wood ...

Great job. Look forward to it complete .....


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