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Setting up a Bear Montana


Setting up my Bear Montana that arrived on Saturday, July 9th.  Shot for fun at my 10-15 yard range.  Next day, removed the production leather hand grip and combined shelf/striker plate.   Removal of the grip was necessary to peel off the one-piece shelf/plate.  The next part was ugly-removal of glue remaining on the bow.  Mine had a very heavy application of glue.  D alcohol, nail polish remover, and some bad language.  An hour later, I installed a new shelf and plate.  Applied some light wax to bow since I scrubbed the heck out of it with chemicals.  Set the brace height and tied on an arrow nock.  It turned out fine, but I was worried for a minute.
 Will add some cat whiskers and a spare string.   Tomorrow, some field shooting and possibly a rodent safari-prarie dogs in the tall grass !!

Love the Montana Longbow !
I have had  4 . A Good friend got one , and like a fool I sold my first 55#er to fund a custom Longbow that didn't work out. Worst part , the New owner took a nice Bear with that Montana and would have no part in selling her back;^}

I really do not find the Bear leather on the grip bad for me. I am chewing on trying a beaver-tail  for looks and durability .   On mine (all purchased used) I simply (gently) pulled the grip leather out enough to remove that rest/plate combo . Then a little barge to hold it back down.

Myself, I always try and keep the plate "close" as in thin to mantain that degree of center before the tune. Seems to allow a greaert range of spines for me.

With a good string , and good weight arrows , the Montana is a dead quiet , stable , forgiving , and a QUICK Longbow .

I think Bear still recommends a 7.5-8.5 brace....Mine all do great in the 7"-7 1/4" range . 50#-55# and 2018 shafts with 175 up front on the buisness end ;)

Best with your quest my friend !



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