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2020 Game Pole

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I guess Greg is out hunting.  Let's get this going

Looks like you need some new pants there brother!!? Send me your address! :thumbsup:

Good Luck, to you & yours Charlie!!! :archer: :archer: :campfire: :archer: :archer:

Greg Szalewski:
Thank for starting this Charlie. How did you guess what I was up to? :biglaugh:

I was given a gift last Saturday when this guy showed up, but he made me work for him in the end. Although heart shot, he left a faint blood trail that I could only follow about 75 yards. I had to search the area to find him the next morning. Thanks to Tony Carpenter for coming out and getting some nice pics.

Congrats again Greg. Incredible buck. 

I guess not a lot of Wisconsin folk coming around a y longer.  Passed a 6 point last night.  Had a beauty bedded 40 yards today but after 3 hours had to relieve myself.  I hurt so bad that I became light headed in the stand and the deer didn't care for it. He and his girlfriend buggered off.


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