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Now I have it all outlined, I'll go over the lines again to make them deeper. The colored in bits will be removed and become the background, so I want to cut them deep.

After that, I need to remove the background. I use the round nose graver for this because it is more rugged than the other cutters, so I can dig deeper, faster, but it leaves the background all crisscrossed with grooves.


So the flat chisel gets used to smooth up the background. The goal is to have the background evenly carved to the same depth, with the sidewalls nice and clean. Will alternate between the flat and the square graver to get this as close as possible. I didn't do to well, I'm way out of practice   :(  


I then use a beading tool to texture the background.


After this, I usually go over it with 1500 grit wet dry to remove any rough edges or micro burs that the cutter left. Sometimes I use a rotary wire brush to give it a brushed finish. Here's this piece with a ruler to show scale......along with another practice piece I am working on......a buck 110. Brass is actually harder to engrave nicely than steel. It wants to chip and crumble, but cuts with much less effort, you need to have a light touch with the hammer.


A couple of other examples of my work from when I was more practiced up.



Darcy   :campfire:

Dang Darcy! That is some crazy skill sir!

That's......awesome.... This is one of those things I find intimidating (which gravers, the sharpening of them, proper heels, etc.). But I love seeing some nice engraving on knives. Thank you very much for sharing this.



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