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kansas stik man:
this looks great i have two unmarked blades and would like to start putting my mark on future ones but was not to sure about how to go about doing so.  this is it fast easy cheap all the things i love and seems to get really good results!!! really nice knowledge to pass on.

That's just too dang cool!  Thanks!

I agree with Lin and Frank, Great tutorial, And Lin's comment of it being very helpful to some of us here... YEAH, ME!


J. Reeves.
a Question. How did you use a cell phone charger? This would   be a good use of a charger that has  been made obsolete. My pet peeve is that they change the charger every time you  get a new phone and there is no function for one's old charger.


P.S. This is my first reply on trad gang and I am unfamiliar with how it works so I hope this comes through.

Great thread!


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