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Lil Johnny Forge and blade forging demo

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Lin Rhea:
Wyatt and I managed to shoot a very amateurish video about forging a hunting knife blade using a forge built by a friend. My oldest son, Greg, helped with the resizing and such, so thanks to him we can show this. I thought some of you might want to see it even though you might not be able to understand the dialect.  :)  Lin


awesome video lin
you make it look easy

Very nice, that's pretty much how I do it, but you do make it look easy
how long does it take to bring it back up to forgeing heat?  mine takes about 5 min
Thanks Lin

Lin Rhea:
Not long Dana. The sun was out that day and the color was not showing well, but it was hot while I was forging. I dont let it get too cold before I put it back in the forge, so 30 seconds to 45 seconds, maybe. Thanks guys, Lin

How does it feel to be a movie star?!!??
Lin, I wanted to thank you for posting pictures of that forge some time back.
Because of that, I was inspired to make pedestals for my two forges and after I got them fixed up and on wheels, and then off of the table where they were PERMANENTLY in the way, it changed the atmosphere of my entire shop.
I can roll them out of the way and only pull them out when needed.
Thank you.
Of course, they need to be sand blasted and painted to be as pretty as Lil Johnny.


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