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Knife sharpening. A few hints, tips & tricks

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2 edges:
Thanks for your time and effort.

thanks for putting that together Rob   :thumbsup:

Ric O'Shay:
Well done Rob. Thanks!

Hi Rob,
some good information here. Do you strop your woodsmans with a belt,  if so do you draw it from the back of the head to the front?

I have a special 'stropping board' I made up. I use the method described above, making fairly light strokes, from the heel to the tip of the blade & away from the edge.

The board is a piece of 1" thick, planed flat, Ipe decking board 12" long by 4" wide, onto which I've epoxied a piece of 9oz leather, flesh side up. I apply a thin dosing of Flitz to the leather & strop away! I've also found that 'less is more' when it comes to the polish (or whichever compound you choose. Toothpaste works very well!) just enough to leave a noticeable residue on the leather. It really doesn't make a noticeable difference which side of the leather you use. If anything, the smooth side appears to cut a little quicker, using the same polish. The solid compound sold for use on polishing mops work exceptionally well.

The Strop Board makes life a LOT easier than a slack belt. You can regulate the angle that you're stropping at far better & don't end up with such a severe convexed edge.

I'll post up a few photos tommorrow, when I've got some better light.


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