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Cody Cantrell:
This is my first post here and only my second attempt at posting pictures so bear with me.  I did not have to work today because of snow (school was canceled).  Since this was the first snow of the season and I had been itching to go rabbit hunting I took the beagles out and gave it a go.  I had a bunch of nutters made up for squirrels so I was ready to go.  Missed one saw two.  Had some other things to do around the house so decided to go back out this evening.  Took the camera this time.  Only took my pride and joy with me on this outing my rabbit champion beagle Belle.  Only got the two pics before the memory card was full.  Saw only one and missed again.  Had a good time though.
My little piece of rabit cover behind the house.
My pride and joy, Belle

I can tell why he took that picture.  Absolutely beautiful scenery.

Wile E. Coyote:
Heres how I managed to break in my new bow. (21st Century Edge)

Bill Kissner:
Cow taken in Colorado:


Buck in Illinois:


Buck taken 3 days later:


I took a couple does after this so I am done for the year except for a turkey. Hopefully I'll be able to get out after one a few times after Christmas. Christmas

Good luck on the turkey Bill, great job on the elk and deer!



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