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Got my winter cat camp in today. Here's a couple pics before the snow gets bad. Lots of coyote and snowshoe rabbit tracks so their on the list also.

Tree Killer:
Been an awful dry winter so far, hasn't it Robin!? I've been waiting for some low level snow east of Mt Hood to go look for lion tracks on the deer winter range. Good luck and be careful up there!


Nothing better than listening to a long bawl down in the canyon while a cold track is worked out..

 Well maybe the short excited chops of,



It dang sure has been dry. Can't beleive I drove the pickup into my camp yesterday. It's at 4200 Ft for cryin out lowd.
I'm hoping to hear that sound tomorrow  :D  

Tom, I'm trying to force myself ta pack the camera. I really like seein the differnt country myself. Was just looking at Terrys pic again, Those leaves look a foot deep. Deeper than my snow right now   :)

quality is not the best but here's a couple photo's of some mule deer on a -30 degree day in Eastern Montana.




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