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New shooting clip from Tarz

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Tom Mussatto:
Terry's added a new video clip to his previous posts on shooting. This is a rear view that clearly shows the inline travel of drawing arm during shot.

Watch closely over Terry's left shoulder after the third shot. I think a couple more shots and he would have had that deer completely field dressed.   :thumbsup:

T , reminds me of my back yard...I like the back stop ya got , just exactly what is that back stop for ya targets..marco#78..thanks..

Hey Tom....ya think their heads just pop off like that in the field?  :D  

BTW Tarzzz good looking form!

Dang I get this error when trying it.  Any ideas Tom.....Van

  The required codec cannot be found  Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the required codec cannot be found. To determine how to obtain the codec identified as 45, contact the content provider.

Good stuff Bud.Nice talkin to ya today  :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:


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