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Author Topic: Bowhunting allowed during gun deer, crossbow issues not advanced  (Read 627 times)

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On Tuesday, the Natural Resources Board held its monthly meeting and took up matters that came from the Conservation Congress spring hearings. One of the major changes allows bowhunting during the 9 day gun deer season. The DNR proposals generated as a result of the spring hearings DID NOT include lowering the age of crossbow usage from 65 to 55 nor the ability to use a crossbow for bowfishing (both of which passed at the spring hearings)

From the Milwaukee Journal story:

“Of the 11 wildlife rules changes advanced by the DNR, a proposal to add two days to the spring turkey hunting periods generated the most discussion……..”

“Other wildlife rules changes approved will:

Repeal the requirement that elk hunters must wear blaze orange;

Establish a September elk season that would run concurrently with the first 30 days of the archery deer season;

Allow landowners to kill a cougar that is attacking a domestic animal;

Require bear hunters to provide carcass tissue samples if requested by the DNR;

Allow rifles for deer hunting in Waupaca County;

Establish firearm and muzzleloader deer hunting seasons at Copper Falls State Park.

Specifics on all new regulations will be printed in the next editions of the Wisconsin fishing and hunting handbooks.

New roles: Wednesday's board meeting marked the first for William Bruins of Waupun, Terry Hilgenberg of Shawano and Greg Kazmierski of Mukwonago. All three were nominated last month by Gov. Scott Walker and approved by the state Senate.”

The entire story (and reader comments) can be found here
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Re: Bowhunting allowed during gun deer, crossbow issues not advanced
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did I read that right- we are gonna have an elk season here?
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