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Al Dente:
You may or may not know about what is gong on in Albany.  With the NYS Budget Bill A3008/S2508 coupling full inclusion crossbow expansion with lowering the big game hunting age from 14 to 12, a full inclusion crossbow expansion Bill A238/S1721, and the DEC's Deer Management Proposal, a lot is going on.
First, the Budget Bill has linked together full inclusion for crossbow expansion during the archery seasons WITH lowering the big game hunting age from 14 to 12 years of age.  This is a calculated tactic, as it was crafted to be one entity within the budget, making the language difficult to be removed.
There is really no argument about a crossbow being archery tackle at all.  The ability to pre-cock and pre-load it should nullify automatically from the category.  But the technological advantages of the latest models just solidifies that point.

The Ravin R500E shoots a bolt at 500 fps, has a battery powered cocking and uncocking mechanism, and is only 3.6" wide when cocked.
The Lancehead F1 is a limbless crossbow that uses two drums, one forward and one read with torsion control to launch a bolt, and is always just 3.9" wide.
The Excalibur Twin Strike has 2 sets of limbs and 2 triggers enabling it to be pre-cocked and pre-loaded with 2 bolts, which allows the crossbow user to fire 2 shots "within milliseconds" according to Excalibur.
Last, but not least, is the Ten Point Havoc Garmin XERO.  This crossbow comes with a Garmin Xero range finding scope that can range game out to 250 yards and set an aiming point out to 175 yards!!!!

Every one of those manufacturers boasts of either 1 hole groups, or 1" to 3" groups at 100 yards.
How is this considered archery? Even the most advanced compound, with the greatest let-off, must still be hand drawn and hand held.  And there is not one compound sold with a telescopic sight.

The DEC Deer Management Proposal is there attempt to dismantle the archery season within NYS.  Besides full inclusion crossbow expansion, they also want to have a mid-September antlerless deer hunt.  The Northern Zone opens on September 27th, and the Southern Zone opens on October 1st.  So, 2 weeks prior to either archery zone opening, there will firearms going off in the woods.
Couple this with the "Holiday Day Hunt" that the DEC has authorized for after the late season, and the deer herd will be pressured for almost 4 months. 

This is what is going folks.

Al Dente:
The Full Inclusion, Crossbow Expansion language was removed from the NYS Budget Bill.  The final version of the Budget Bill was voted on by both houses, approved, and the Governor signed it into law late last week.

The lowering of the Big Game hunting age from 14-12 was successful.

12-13 year olds can now hunt big game with rifle, shotgun, or MZ where firearms hunting is permitted.

12-13 year olds can also hunt with a crossbow where crossbows are legal.

The provisions for such hunting are as follows:

The 12-13 year old must be supervised by a licensed hunter with at least 3 years of experisence.  Either a parent, guardian, or mentor with parental permission.

Both hunter and supervising adult mentor must wear flo-orange or flo-pink.

Both hunter and supervising mentor must hunt at ground level at all times.

Requires all counties to "opt-in" to this program by holding town hall meetings and enacting local law ECL 11-0935.  Counties not permitted to "opt-in" are the 5 boroughs that encompass NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester.

Thank you for all who helped maintain the integrity of the archery seasons by phoning, emailing, and mailing Albany. 

Al, thank you for always keeping us informed and for all your hard work trying to preserve and protect bowhunting. We all owe you and NYB a debt of gratitude. I wish more bowhunters were more aware of what goes on behind the scenes for them.


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