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SB-252 proposed end to bear hunting in CA

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I am deeply concerned about the proposed bill here in CA, SB-252, that would end bear hunting in CA.  If you're in CA, please contact your state senator.

This bill was introduced by a State Senator (Wiener). So start by contacting your zone's state senator. I'm in District 2 (all of north-coast) so my rep is Senator Mike McGuire. His number is (916) 651-4002.
After the Senate votes on it, if it passes, then we have to contact the State House Representative. But for now start with your Senator.
Let's squash this thing.

Agreed.  My state Senator's office (Andres Borgeas) is just down the street so I'm going to stay in touch with him on this.

The bill first goes to the Natural Resource committee.  A majority vote in favor by the committee sends it to the senate for a vote.  A majority vote there sends it to the assembly.  We're just in the beginning stages of this and it will be a long haul ahead.  Thankfully, I know a thing or two about persistence.

Here are the committee members:
Senator Henry I. Stern (District 27 - LA/Ventura)
 Senator Brian W. Jones (District 38 - interior SD)
 Senator Benjamin Allen (District 26 - southwest LA)
 Senator Andreas Borgeas (District 8 - southern Sierra and valley)
 Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman (District 5 - west San Joaquin)
 Senator Robert M. Hertzberg (District 18 - San Fernando Valley)
 Senator Ben Hueso (District 40 - Imperial)
 Senator John Laird (District 17 - Monterey Bay)
 Senator Monique Limón (District 19 - SB/Ventura)

I really feel bad for the hunters of California. I read or herd a game warden from your state say he thinks in 20 years hunting will be illegal in California and it will start with bears. That was probably 2 years ago....

I signed an online patient and made a donation in hopes it’ll help fight the uninformed anti bear hunting groups.

Look you Clay Newcomb (owner of Bear Hunter Mag) and you should be able to find the petition also.

Keep the phone lines hot with your representatives also!!!!!!

Thanks for that info Yosemite Sam. You can also go to this website for the CA Senate Natural Resources Committee and submit a Position Letter, as well as find out when this bill will be heard and open for public comment (no date set yet):

I'll post up a copy of the letter that I have sent to my State Senator Rep, the NRC as a whole (as well as each Senator on that committee), and Scott Wiener who introduced the bill. The wording is slightly different for each person but you'll catch the drift.


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