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NYS-DEC seeking to extend whitetail hunting into February 2021

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Al Dente:
Just an FYI everyone.

The NYS-DEC is seeking to use their Regulatory Authority to extend the Big Game Hunting Season for whitetail deer into February 2021.  This is not a legislative action, this is the NYS-DEC amending the season dates.

Tomorrow they will open a time frame for public opinion.

As the President of New York Bowhunters, Inc, we have sent a letter of non-support to NYS-DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos, and asked him to withdraw this proposal.

After enduring months of hunting pressure, depleted fat and nutrient loss, deep winter snow, and sparse food sources, the deer are exhausted.  Their metabolism slows down so that they can recover and conserve what they have left.  Not to mention the late-born fawns who are the products of second rut breeding, they are even more at risk.  This could cause extreme damage to the herd throughout the state.

This proposal has the support of the Farm Bureau.

Conservation- the wise use of natural resources.

As hunters, we are stewards of the land, and this added pressure does not fit the parameter of conservation.

Hey Al, do you know why the state wants to lengthen the deer season? I read the state register and from what I can tell, the purpose of this season change is to create more hunting opportunities. Since it is only for the southern part of the state, what is the deer density like down there? Are they over abundant, stable, declining?
Just curious.

Al Dente:
They have since amended their original proposal, which would have included the entire state until early February.  I guess they got a lot of flack for that and rethought it.  I am not sure why, but it may to do with an extremely high number of licenses being sold this year.  My guess is that people that haven't hunted in years are wanting to fill their freezers and prepare for another shutdown.

Well Al, I'm kinda on the fence about this....

Years ago, I was stunned to learn that a bunch of the "Hudson Valley Boys" were bowhunting in Feb??
When I asked them where? I was informed that both Conn. and NJ both allowed bowhunting untill Feb. 28th.
That said, due to the lack of land available to hunt Westchester, you could probly allow bowhunting all year there without putting a dent in the herd?

If it was WMU specific for high population/deer density units, and bowhunting only, I can't really see a problem with it affecting the deer herd. JMHO But hell, I'm just an old deerhunter, what do I know?

Al Dente:
I am not sure what their intent is.  More hunting time or more deer killed.  What I do know, is that according to the DEC, they sold 3 times the normal amount of licenses this year, they did not poll any hunting license holders about this, and I do not trust them in regards to amending future archery seasons as far as length and "special seasons" during it's time frame.  We shall see how it pans out.


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