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I live in south Arkansas and have been building for about 4 years. I heard Elmer was helping someone get started. He built me a bow about 7 years ago. Wish I hadn’t let that one go! I’ll try and post a few pics of mine

Yep, that looks like one of Elmer's. My name is Rick Wimberley. I bought Elmer's business and he is teaching me the trade. I have 3-4 bows going right now.

Sorry! Read the text wrong. Those are some good looking bows. What type of insert are you using in your take-down?

I’m just using the standard inserts I either get from Kenny McKenzie or Bingham supply.
One thing I loved about Elmer’s bows was the finish on them.

I looked you up on Facebook. I see we have a mutual friend in Jerry Dan Mitchell.
J.D. is a good guy. Hunted with us down here for several years.


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