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I’m not a bowyer but TimberGhost archery is in Springdale.

I’m in Pea Ridge.

Dave Lay:
Nice looking bow, I always liked Elmers bows. Dave Albright in sims down by Mt. Ida makes a really nice longbow that’s pretty popular in the area

I am new this year to the trad world.

I went to see Rick Welch back in October for two days. I learned more in those two days than I ever imagined. I ordered one of Rick's Dakota Pro Recurve's and it should complete in the next couple weeks. I can't wait!!


Im glad to see there are a few Arkies on here. I lived in Nashville most of my life and moved to Texarkana a few years back. I just recently started shooting recurves again. Not many Trad shooters around here.

I started to take Mr.Welchs class. Was wondering how much you learned from it.


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