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Ryan Rothhaar:
After Dad's passing I received several messages asking about books.  I still have some of the 2nd book "Whitetail Magic" on hand.  I am planning to sell them at the same price Dad always charged: $25+5 shipping ($30) to continental US. (Sorry, no Canada orders, found out my bank won't accept checks and won't send for international fund transfer under a certain limit) Also will honor his bulk pricing for vendors.

I'm doing this to keep this book available, and am only advertising on TradGang as I don't have the time to deal with another job :).  I'm not set up to do card, online payment or any of that.  I'll need to do the sales via check (made out to Roger Rothhaar - this is my real first name, Ryan is my middle name).

my address is:

Roger R. Rothhaar
5282 W Co Rd 775 S
Reelsville, IN

I'll do my best to get them sent out within a day or two.  If you want an update include your email address and I can update if there is any delay.  Again, I have kind of a couple full time I'll turn them around as fast as I can!

We are doing this to keep his legacy alive, and because we've seen unscrupulous folks asking ridiculous prices for his books after his death.  We don't have any of the first book "In Pursuit of Trophy Whitetails", but have discussed reprinting if there is enough interest.




I'd definitely be interested in a copy of the first book-In Pursuit of trophy Whitetails.

I have the second book but would like to get "In Pursuit of Trophy Whitetails."
Thank you.

smokin joe:
I knew your dad what back when and he autographed a copy of In Pursuit of Trophy Whitetails for me.I still have it in my library. I sure would like a copy of his second book if there are any left by the time you get to me. Let me know if you have one left and I will send you a check.

Ryan Rothhaar:
There are plenty of books, several hundred for sure, of the 2nd one.



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