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Friends call me Pac:
Talked with Tyler the other day.  He is in Missouri & said hello to all. He can't make it but I know he wishes he could.  

Anyone heard from Bo, ArkieBob or Powduck or any of the others?  I know  Dave's wife is not in good health so I don't know if he will make it or not.

I imagine Akiebob & Powduck are chasing elk again. Don't know if they will be back in time.

Have not talked to Bo lately, but pretty sure he's planning on it.

Not sure if Bob and I will make it this year or not. Lots of stuff going on.

Friends call me Pac:
I am out sort of. I will no be able to make the original dates of 7-13 Oct.  My father & brother will be coming from NC to hunt with me at Ouachita 21-28 Oct.  I will be hunting at Ouachita the week of 14-21 Oct in order to do some scouting prior to their hunt.  

It is a week later but hopefully it will also be cooler. If any of or the whole week of 14-21 Oct is doable for you I hope to see you there.


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