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ARROW 2016 thread

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Friends call me Pac:
ARROW is an annual hunt that is open to any trad shooter.  We stay at Crystal springs campground on lake Ouachita and hunt the National Forrest lands.

When I set up the very first ARROW hunt I didn't know any of the guys.  Now I have made some life long friends.  You might be a stranger when you show up for the first time but you will not be a stranger for very long.

Friends call me Pac:
Bolong got a nice buck the year before last


I got an 8 point last year.


I will be there. Thank you for setting this up.

I will try to make it. All of my buddies that I started with have quit hunting or passed away. My son is in Indiana for a year and I am solo for a change. As a pastor I do have to leave myself an out in case of unexpected ministry events. I would love to meet you guys.

Friends call me Pac:
I know any and all new folks will be welcomed.  

Last year I visited a local church instead of driving back home for services.  I had someone teach my Sunday School class for me while I was away. I imagine I will do the same again this year.


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