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Friends call me Pac:
I have everything loaded up except the food and I plan to stay for awhile. I will hunt 5-14 Oct.  

I talked my father into coming 15 Oct for muzzleloader hunting instead of ARROW.  I found out he can not walk very well & am told even though he has tried he can't shoot his 40# bow Caleb gave him.  

With the amount of money he will spend & his first time hunting in Arkansas I want to give him the best possible chance of getting a deer.  I don't care if its a doe or buck.  

Dad & I will be hunting out of Crystal Springs 17-21 Oct.

John Wesley:
Be sure to keep us updated. I joined not too long ago and have been impatiently waiting to see how y'alls weekend goes. Good luck to everyone going. Shoot straight and stay safe.

Friends call me Pac:
For me it was spikes, spikes and them a few more spikes.  I had a 6 run under my stand the 1st day but I didn't get a shot.  I never saw a doe from my stand.  It was hot but I still had a good time.

I had deer all around me as well which was cool since I was hunting on the ground. I had a good shot possibility if he had only had just one more point. The 3 point rule got me again. It was fun time for sure.


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