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Newbie in NWA needs your help!

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Hello guys!

I was wondering if anyone around the Bentonville area  could help out a new guy?  I just moved back to the area from Charleston, SC and am anxious to set up and start shooting the Samick Sage I bought last summer.  I am not new to archery having bowhunted with compounds for 20 years, but know nothing about recurves.  I've never even shot fingers before!

Anyway, I just thought I would ask.  Thanks!

m midd:
If i were a little closer i could help you out. There are several guys on your side of the state. You might want to check out holla bend bowhunters, alot of trad guys.

Im in Berryville a little more than an hour away. If you ever get over my way i would be happy to help you out any way i can.

Thank you for the offers guys!

Turk, I might have to take you up on that sometime if I can't find anyone in my local area.  I go that way heading to Fulton County every once in awhile anyway.

Friends call me Pac:
I think WTPops is up your way.


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