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Friends call me Pac:
Lake Ouachita Crystal Springs campground. 10-12 Oct.

The 2nd week in Oct is 10th & 11th.  The 12th is a holiday.  It will offer an extra morning & possible evening hunt for some if they would like to take advantage.  

I imagine I will show up on the 7th. I plan to hunt as long as someone else wants to hunt.  

If you are new to ARROW just look for the truck camper on a gray dodge diesel.  That's mine.  You are welcome to camp anywhere but we try to stay fairly close together so we don't have to walk as far for the nightly bull session.

If we want a slide show please bring a camera & take pics.  I generally have them emailed to me & I make the show from what I receive.

So who is planning to attend this year?


Friends call me Pac:
I went to the VA complaining about my bow arm shoulder.  It has been bugging me for a few years now.  Got diagnosed with tendinitis in my shoulder.  They have me doing physical therapy so hopefully I can shoot my bow soon.  For now the PT person said no bow shooting yet.  

I hope I am cleared to shoot before ARROW time.  Maybe a month's worth of PT will do the trick.

All you need to shoot is once. Kill the deer and be done with it.    :saywhat:

will try my best to make arrow ,been working out at gym for over a year,helped me alot,can shoot 60 pound bow now,got 7 fused disks,2 more ruptured built enough muscle to carry my spine now.just keep it up after therapy you will be suprised how much it will help...


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