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A.R.R.O.W. 2015

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Has anyone heard heard about plans for A.R.R.O.W. 2015 on Lake Ouachita in Arkansas this fall

Friends call me Pac:
2nd weekend of Oct at Crystal Springs.  I imagine I will show a few days early like normal.

So I guess I am too new at this. What is arrow 2015

Friends call me Pac:
"So I guess I am too new at this. What is arrow 2015"

A trad bow hunt we hold every Oct at Lake Ouachita. Here are 2 slide shows that I can find.  There is a 3rd but I have not found it yet.  

We stay at a Corp of Engineer campground and hunt the National forest surrounding us.

2nd weekend of Oct.  Be happy to have you.  



Friends call me Pac:
Looks like you wouldn't have too far to travel.


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