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Knapp-in at the Schield Museum in Gastonia, NC.

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Pat B:
I went to this knap-in this past weekend. My friend, James Parker headed it up. They had a display with the progression of making a Danish dagger plus other interesting conversations and displays. Here are a few pics...

this shows the process of knapping out a Danish dagger.

these are some examples of Danish daggers

other ancient lithic forms..

and some bronze age replicas. The Danish daggers were made during the bronze age because there was no bronze, copper or tin in Scandinavia.

A a few other tools

and some of the knapp-in participants

Very neat.  :thumbsup:
Thanks for sharing.  :archer:

Nice photos Pat B. I went there probably 10 or so years ago. There is some good talent that shows up there. James Parker is a good choice to lead that group. Thanks for the photos.

Pat B:
This knap-in happens every year the first weekend of August and has been going on for a long time. I agree Don, James is the perfect person to lead this knap-in. The original leader and one of James' teachers and mentors started this event over 30 years ago.

Pat B, it's hard to imagine how someone can take a chunk of rock, and end up with something as precise as a danish dagger. James Parker did a weekend  program for a local archery club about 15 years ago. In that session he made several stone points and a danish dagger. Everyone in the group were wowed.


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