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Moving meat


Well this fall found me in the early season in a heck hole with moose, Elk and Bears.  When I say that... it would have been really ugly to packboard them out of a massive valley.

Tomorrow I am buying five sand bags to test some methods of moving meat up out of the dark abyss.  I have used pack boards and improvised stretchers, but I think some real practice will be required.

1. Pack board practice
2. Maybee some ropes and pulling and maybee some mechanical advantage.
3. Maybee a rope come along
4. Crazy carpet slide along covers
5. I was thinking about putting some agriculture tires on a rototiller to skid our meat bags in a pinch.
6. Pack wheels
7. Mountain bikes with panniers
8. Quad with winch and ropes (the quad can't make it down there
9. Capstan winch

I will update as tests evolve.

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It will be interesting to find out what you think is the best method to getting meat out! Good luck and let us know!


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