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2022 fall season


Well it has begun.  I got to go north this year with my father and a couple other guys and hunt northern AB from the 25th of Aug to the 29th.  My Dad arrowed a black bear at 20 yards. We followed the trail for five and a half hours and then he backtracked and we lost him. Of course that is when the Elk came in, at the end of the day when we were in a heck hole and really tired.  The bull wouldn't come closer than 45 yards.  Thank goodness because I was pooched and it would have been very hard to get that elk out. Scent sticks, decoys and Reed calls all got action with elk, deer and bear. Stand selection was lucky possibly too.  The freezer isn't full, but the heart got racing.

I have been following a few bears with arrows in them  the past few years and I'm now doing some bareshaft tunning in my garage to make sure the arrows are matched to my bow.  I want them delivering the most energy to the animal I can. So after I'm done trimming them I will paper tune them too.  I want to minimize the trailing.

29 & 3/4" draw, 50lbs bow at 28", 100 grain inserts, 100 grain broad head insert, 150 grain broad head ( so I'm using 250 grn points).  I have 300's, 340's and 400's.  We will see which flies best with this weight.  I have found the bag target makes a big difference in seeing where the shafts go.  The bag target let's them go where they want where the other solid target dosen't.

Anyways, I am taking a friend and his son (12) out tomorrow afternoon with two of my three daughters.  We will probably head to yamnuska 410 or to sybald flats area.  Just do some target practice and talking with the young ones.

I bought WT, MD, Moose tags.  I got drawn for a late season Elk in 300 A ( nothing like -25C).  What are people up to?

Good luck everyone!

Hopefully now people are getting out a bit.  I haven't posted much here, could someone resend how I post pictures?

Good luck,

Well we didn't see anything Friday pm.  There were lots of beds, and a few good tree stand sites.  We go to introduce a young person to archery hunting and shooting so that was a total success.

I am hoping to set a few stands this weekend and sit for wa while.  I think I will get out next Tuesday for a sit too. Anyone else getting out this week?

Well I got out to my Dad's place to set some stands.  We set up and reinforced four stands.  I used some rachet straps to support some stands and hung a new one. 

In the evening driving home I talked my three daughters into checking out 80 Acres along the clearwater river designated by the aca. Keep in mind this is still hunting into the wind with three young ladies 13, 11 and 10.  Quiet was a high expectation, but what the heck.  Well just after leaving the vehicle I saw a partridge and got off a shot, and they all could see it unfold.  Dad's aim should have been a little better, but excitement was had by all.  Anyways we made a list of some things we need to bring on the next hunt, and 4 sets of wadders were in order. I'm glad they all liked it.

I was out 2 weeks to half draw on a nice bull moose before he busted me. That got the heart pumping! My hunting partner also got to half draw on a nice bull elk that was trotting right towards him! I was right behind him and it was amazing to be a part of!


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