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Anyone visiting this forum anymore?

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Cowboy Al:
Haven't logged in much to check out the forum. Anyone around? Anyone got spring trad hunting plans?

I come down and check out the Alberta tab from time to time. Doesn't seem like much going on here though. I may try some Spring bear spot and stock, but not too much this spring. Anything for you?

Cowboy Al:
Healing up from a hip replacement. I'm healed up enough I hope to get to the range and get shooting again. Spring bear or turkeys won't be in the cards for this year but hope to get out and "skewer" a few gophers!

Cowboy Al:
Been to the range x 3 this past week. Knocking the rust off (& believe me there was some rust  :biglaugh:). No arrows lost or damaged so thats a positive and managed to
"occasionally" hit what I was aiming at.

Just joined trad gang hopefully this is fairly busy, I was out for bear last weekend saw 1 not many out yet more looking forward to moose and elk this fall


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