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Youth bow giveaway, March 17.

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Mike Mecredy:
We'll be drawing two names, of lucky kids, to win a Maddog Pup longbow and some arrows made and donated by BudB.  The drawing will be held the PM on March 17.  The bows will appropriately, be green.  So get your kids signed up and the best of luck to you. 

Please add my daughter Sloane Mowrey to the list and my son Ari Mowrey! Thank you!!

Please add my nephew Sawyer. He loves shooting my son’s Pup, and wants to be just like his big cousin!

V I Archer:
My son Desmond and daughter Amelie would be very grateful to be added to the list. Outstanding generosity as usual Mike  :thumbsup:

Natalie would love a chance at a new bow. Thanks for the opportunity!


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