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Spalted hackberry lams. WINNER

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I have some more spalted hackberry in stock, how about a giveaway of 2 pairs of lams, .030 x 1.75 x 36" 

See, I don't leave out the recurve guys!!

Will draw Sunday October 3rd sometime during the day.

I have shipping in lower 48 and will put $15 towards it elsewhere.

Roy from Pa:
Purty nice bro..

Yer ok in my book.

Zat mean you want in?  With a boo back they might make a lite bow...  :goldtooth:

Put me in

Yes, please sir, Mother, may I..  I Looooovvvvveee spalted wood.  Here's a musical instrument top I made from spalted Mango a few years back:


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