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new hunting points


Pat B:
Generally while walking in our woods I collect sourwood shoots for arrow making. I collect way more than I can use so I use them as trade items. I've been sending shoots and cane to a friend in west Texas that makes authentic Native American arrows and stone points, blades and tools. Some of you know him. He goes by "Jackcrafty" or "Allergic Hobbit" and he is one of the best flintknappers around. Not long ago I sent Patrick a bundle of Black Haw, Viburnum and a few sticks of Maple Leaf, Viburnum, both native plants and both were used for arrows by the local tribes.
I drove out to get the mail today and these were in my mailbox from Patrick. Perfect hunting points. I put the quarter in the pic for size reference...

Wow,very nice.   :thumbsup:

   Those look so Perfect . I am just curious as to how close in grain weight they each are?
 They each look identical and some of the nicest I’ve ever seen. :thumbsup:

I'm subscribed to the Jack Krafty channel on youtube. One of the best knappers I have seen and very good at teaching this skill. I'm going to be hunting with stone this fall.

Pat B:
Keefer, I think Patrick told me they were pretty closely matched in grain weight. I haven't checked myself.


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