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matt steed:
I wanted to reach out and encourage all the Traditional guys to join the MBA. I know it’s not all traditional but they are doing some amazing things for bowhunting in MS and they could sure use our support. The airbow was introduced in the legislation this past year, the MBA sent out mass emails trying to get as many people possible to call their Senators and Legislators to voice their opinion. It worked!!! The airbow will not be allowed for bow season. But it will return, if we don’t get enough help. When you join you get a car tag, sticker and patch.

The MBA has strong traditional roots inside the organization. Please consider joining. There is power in numbers. Any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks.

Hey Matt! Thanks for the reminder. I need to join again. I was a member a few years ago. There are some great people in that group! Hope you're doing well, man!

matt steed:
Yes sir, I am doing great. Thanks for asking.

The MBA is trying really hard to get back on its feet. We need all the support we can get.

They want the traditional guys to be a part as well.

I was on the MBA site a few weeks back and looked like it had died. I joined with a 2 yr subscription just now. Maybe MBA can make a comeback. Thanks Matt


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