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Posting Guide Lines, Rules & Posting Images


Tradgang has recommended our forum to be moderated. Below is a quote from the Tradgand Posting Guide Lines located in the FAQ section of the forum. Please read through the guide lines.

Fair Chase   User Agreement Review  
NOTE: Trad Gang clearly abides only by fair chase "open country" hunts - "preserve hunts" that employ high fenced in areas are NOT recognized as fair chase and are NOT allowed to be discussed at Trad Gang.

Guide Lines  
You may have noticed some old topics have been removed as well as some threads have been cut due to the non traditional bowhunting content.

"Posting Rules.

The fundamental concern of any online forum is keeping the posts/talk on-track and in line with the forum's "prime directive" - at Trad Gang, we're all about   traditional bowhunting and we make that quite clear to all.

We're all humans, and we know how easy it can be to lose focus about the sharing of trad bowhunting info - we'll do our best to redirect that focus back to good stuff where we see fit.

We know that the Trad Gang cyber camp can, and has, become like family - and we understand that families are sociable and at times the posting can sway over to matters that are more chit-chat than trad bowhunting. We try to leave that be as much as possible.

Any forum post - whether it's a topic thread or a reply post within a topic thread - will most likely get deleted, or moved elsewhere, if it's about non-trad bowhunting topics that are clearly centered towards politics, sports, religion, crossbows, wheelbows ... you get the drift.

Any and all posts that are bashing, flaming, nasty and just plain ol' disrespectful - as the admin and moderators determine - will also get cut or moved.

"Working the board" - we do not allow any non Trad Gang sponsor members to use Trad Gang as a vehicle for promoting product or services sales. ANY posting by any member who is not a Trad Gang sponsor, that concerns any gear they are making or services they render, for profit - or any innuendos that might suggest such gear or services are being offered, is strictly forbidden. Such posting is liable to be deleted and that poster's Trad Gang membership may be revoked.

NO posted links to any other forums.

Moderating any forum is a *very* tough, but extremely necessary daily job.

We certainly try our very best, always - if you have a question about Trad Gang posting policies, or if you feel we've failed to let you know why your post was removed or transferred, contact any admin or moderator ASAP.
 Posting Images

THE TRAD GANG CRITERIA FOR POSTING IMAGES - We do NOT allow posted images wider than 640 pixels! You MUST edit all larger images down to 640 pixels or less in width. There are no exceptions to this rule - if we find a posted image that's WIDER than 640 pixels, we reserve the right to delete it without warning or explanation! The image/picture you wish to add to a post must reside somewhere on the Internet (on a server) - you can't post an image directly from your computer. If you don't have server space to use, we strongly suggest you register with  - it's a FREE Internet image storing service that will allow the unrestricted remote access of your image (this is important! most online image storage services will not allow remote image access!). You MUST resize your image to no wider than 640 pixels before uploading to PhotoBucket. For PhotoBucket image tutorials, visit  - underneath the PhotoBucket image are three code lines - you want to select the last code line that's labeled "Img". This action will automatically load that image address code to your browser's "clipboard". Now go to Trad Gang, login if you haven't already, and either create a new topic post or reply to an existing topic post. You can paste that image text anywhere within your post and the image will be seen by all.

Thanx for your good understanding - and for sharing with all of us here at Trad Gang!

Your hosts,
Terry Green
Rob DiStefano"


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