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Missing/ choking

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If I'm struggling I just focus on my shot sequence.  The anchor, shoulder and elbow positions, breathing, keeping hand set in anchor point as I release and follow through.  My brain takes care of the "aiming".

I'll agree that if by shot time we are worrying about form then that is a lot to be thinking about to get the shot off. My greatest success in the field happens when I am focusing on the game and waiting for the right time to initiate the draw, everything else is flowing naturally otherwise my focus is not where it should be. That doesn't mean I don't have set queues that I expect during the draw/aim/release process, but I don't think about them as if I am waiting for them to happen if that makes sense.

Some REALLY good answers... thanks guys.....    I guess I need to focus more perhaps... trying still to figure out.

Look at this video.... was simply trying to record fletching noise

Hal Hartness:
After years of play and scouting at high sports level. Growing up in a Pro coach and scout home. This always came up and transfers to one of my loves bow hunting and flyfishing. We would call it choking. Think of your view on football and baseball ect. He choked. Question is can it be fixed. Yes Most folks that want the ball when the game is on the line or all the old junk folks say are talking about a learned behavior. no one has a I believe till they have won at some point when the pressure is on. I only won one bow shoot in my whole life yet went 20 without a miss on deer. Not back door braggin just trying to make a point. Shoots were not very important to me I would start off with great shots then fall away over the coarse to come back later on. I just cant stay focused on foam with buddies around just to much fun. Walking woods and stump shooting different target works wonders. Why does everyone tell you to pick as spot a smaller spot  ( cause it work) why does it work. It makes you block out everything else. Like Ill never get a chance at a buck like this in my life. The prize is bigger than the  shot.  Are there ways to fix it yes. You have to work on mind and spirit control. Most folks learn to at the free throw line with many I think I can to I did it once so I can do it again to been here before. Control fear is a key. Great man once said yu cant take a dump with a tight butt. So now Ill pontificat I a cert hypnotist just one of the think i learnt over the year looking at the mind. When you hear folks in the sports world talk about that guy being in the zone. It is he is in his subconscious not conscious mind. You cant think with a 90 mph baseball is it a strike or to low to high. By the time you don thunk it that much yu done missed it. Fear is the greatest killer of all. What would I advise, your placing to high a value on buck size. A does life is just as valued. Sure you can brag more if you kill a big one but is that why you hunt. Work on training yourself to focus on one thing in everyday life. Im driving this road not reading billboards. Im at a game but ill focus on one player without the ball. we live in a world that trains us to see as much as we can all of the time. That training will be there when you want to lock in at a 2 inch patch of hair behind that front leg. You will see the deer, horns, trees on both sides and not miss a thing, it  being  inside your field of view, just not that 2 inch patch of hair. Practice making yourself focus on one thing while the world moves all around you. But most important remind me of all this when I do the same. lol


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