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Late season food sorce


Decided to take a hike on some WMA land yesterday 1-12-19. It was cloudy and cool with intermittent rain. The goal of the day was to get out of the house and get some excercise. With the possibility of finding some hog sign and possibly get a shot at a squirrel. The first two goals were achieved no hog sign and not a squirrel to be seen. Did find something interesting, walking through a bottom area that had some privet bushes the ground was absolutely torn up with deer tracks.  I have watched deer eat privet leaves before and knew it was a food source. Thing is these were pretty tall and had been broused pretty high. Looked like frost had either killed the leaves or berries and they were falling off and the deer were eating them. Never saw that before , will be checking on them late season this year.
Any other kinda unknown food sources in SC to be on the look out for@?

I will remember that...lots of privet around me.

I’m not sure I know what privet is? Or maybe I know it by another name? I’ll have to look it up.

Think it’s Chinese Privit.  I always called it hedge Bush. Has small leaves  maybe 1/2”wide and 3/4” long.


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