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2019 SC Tradgang Hunt

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A Low country hunt sounds good. I would imagine the area needs camping. So, that would narrow down the choices.

There is camping available, although limited. Hogs nd deer are both available at most every ems I’ve ever been on. And in good numbers if you are willing to get after them.

Hey i’m New to the forum and new to traditional bow hunting. If i can figure this this stick and string out I would be up for something in the fall. I live in Clemson and hunt Fants Grove often. There are some good deer in Fants it just seems the numbers have been down a little.

I’ve been up to the area around Fonts Grove. I’d like to hunt up there. Welcome to the gang by the way.

Lee in S.C.:
A lot of the old SCBA members used to hunt the Bull Island hunt. Been out of the loop a while, but I think they still do.


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