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Fellow central Illinois hunters


I'm just east of st.Louis and was wondering how the '13 season has been for you all. My deer count seems so low its saddening

Pretty slow hunting for me in Morgan Co., with few sightings.  Went out 3 days after a snow and found one trail and the edge of the field being used and only about 8 sets of tracks for three days.  Saline seemed better, but nothing like a few years ago.  We're not quite done yet, tho.

I was able to get out this year for the first time in several years due to rotator cuff surgery. I had the worst season in many years as the deer herd seems to have disappeared. Tracks were there but not many and days between new sets appearing in snow. I didnt even get a shot this year. I sure hope it gets better soon.

Out for the Northern Zone Turkey season even though live close to Marion, IL. Not many birds. The winter was hard on them I think.


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