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nock pinch

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mj seratt:
You might try another nock point just below the arrow.  That can prevent you pinching down on the arrow.

Use thicker spacers between fingers

That can really hurt. A longer bow will help. Using a recurve will help if you are not already. The best nocks for that are the .204 Easton nocks. They would be for the axis shafts but will fit any .204 shaft. The nocks are thin and flat. I read they were actually designed for finger shooters. Most modern nock don't care about finger shooters.
When pulling the string drop the top finger off a little. I heard some say that the top finger is just along for the ride. On a bow that pinches you could almost shoot like you are making a pistol with you fingers. The top finger pointing toward the target.
Also most finger pain and problems seem to go away when you use a deep hook.

Bill from NJ:

--- Quote ---Originally posted by nhbuck1:
is there any cure for nock pinch while shooting split?
--- End quote ---
I had that exact same problem when using a leather glove.

I have tried everything:
One thing that has helped me.
- Use a finger TAB with a finger spacer.

But, I was insistent on using my new finger glove the wife bought for me.
- I tried lining the pinched finger with strips cut from a soda can to help pad side of finger.
-Tried wrapping pinched finger with band aid.

I finally stopped playing around with my goofy inventions.....

I eventually fully cured my finger pinch problem by changing from a recurve bow, and using a LONGBOW.

Now finger pinch is a forgotten pain.

Longer bows in general, regardless of limb shape, I think will help with pinch issues.


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