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Wind deflection on arrows

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Fact is that an arrow once launched it will drift in the direction of the wind mass and at the speed of the wind mass.  How much drift occurring will be determined by how long the arrow is airborne, how much crosswind, and windspeed. The wind is going to effect a faster arrow less because it gets to the target sooner, less air time means less time in the wind to drift.  Given enough time if the arrow were to remain airborne it would eventually weathervane into the oncoming slipstream because of the added drag of the fletching therefore becoming more aerodynamic.

Just the same as a faster arrow drops less over a given distance even though its falling with gravity at the same rate as a slower arrow. It just impacts the target sooner giving it less air time, therefore less time to drop.

Aaron Proffitt:

   So what your saying is......

    :help:      :help:  
                                                                                                     Say that again ;only in a way as if you were explaining 'ice' to a Pygmy.   :)      :)

FLHunter, That was a Fine Explaination of Arrow Flight as Affected by Wind.  :thumbsup:   Thank You for Sharing!!  :notworthy:    :notworthy:    :notworthy:

Aaron Proffitt:
I'm sure it was,too, Shakes.  :)   Now ,I'm just trying to visualize it in my tiny little mass of a brain .   :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:

OK Aaron,

Think of the wind as having a current like running water does.

Once an the arrow is loosed into the wind, it will be effected by the current just like a boat is on a river.  The amount of drift or effect on the boat or arrow depends on the direction of travel, speed of the current, and the amount of time you are in the current. So if you are crossing the river in a fast boat it will be effected less than a slower boat because of the shorter period in the rivers current.  Heading directly upstream (into the wind) or downstream in the current(wind) there will be little or no drift effect from the current.  Crossing the river 90 degrees to the current will have the greatest amount of drift; lesser angles into the current less effect.  Works the sameway with arrows shooting in the wind.

Hows that work for pigmy ice?  :D      :scared:


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