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Wind deflection on arrows

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Aaron Proffitt:
But,just so I am absolutly clear ...
If your shooting in an area where the wind on the arrow isn't constant(gusty,objects,buildings)the arrow will fly eratically due the fact that the force against isn't constant.Ergo, it never has a chance to correct ?

NO Aaron,

The arrow is going to follow the wind currents.!!!  If the wind currents are erratic because of disturbed flow around objects, thats what the arrow is going to follow!  

It has nothing with the arrow stabilizing where it comes out of archers paradox. One has nothing to do with the other if thats what you mean.

Recovery rate out of archers paradox related to the correct spine selection for the type of arrow your shooting be it carbons, aluminums, or woodies for the bow at a particular drawweight and drawlength.  Also effected by the quality of your release and the tune of your bow. NOT the wind!

Good Luck in your shooting! I've gone as far as I'm willing to go on this thread.  I have arrows to build arrows and need to practice for a tournament.  Shoot Straight!

Aaron Proffitt:
Ok maybe "correct" wasn't the right word.  :bigsmyl:    :bigsmyl:


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