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Charlie Lamb:
Well, since my name was mentioned early on in this thread and a couple times since, I feel compelled to reply.

I seldom respond to threads that I haven't read the entire contents of, however I will on this one.

Why didn't I read the whole thread? Because TP or "it" scares the crap out of me. I battled with it myself in the mid 60's and it sure ain't fun.

Matter of fact, the reason it was most often called "it", was that it scared a lot of other guys so much that hardly anyone even wanted to call "it" by name... "it" may have one name, but it has many faces.

In my tournament days I looked to every source I could find to improve my game. I came across a book by a big name coach of the time by the name of Milon T. Ellot who wrote a book called, "Why We Miss". Basically it was a treatise on "it". By the time I'd finished the book I was experiencing every form of the malady. I WILL NOT discuss it's many forms because it can be passed along like a virus and is totally mental.

Fred Bear battled with "it" during his target days and I know it far preceeded that time... as someone said, it probably has existed as long as there have been bows and arrows.

My point in the conversations with Curtis was that if you don't have "it" then you shouldn't even read or talk about it. What you don't know won't hurt you. It's an element of shooting that we best stay ignorant of.

As far as those who are currently experiencing "it", let me say that I don't have a sure cure. What works for one may not work for another.

I do know that many, many archers have found the cure by use of a draw check. The clicker in it's many forms is the most common and works very well.

Our hero Fred Bear beat his problem, by using the back of his broadhead as a draw check. He wouldn't release until he felt the head touch his knuckle.

For me, nothing but dropping out of formal competitive shooting would do. I made a choice to only hunt and avoid target type archery. It worked for me.

Now when I do shoot at formal competitions, I don't keep a score card. It seems that, for me at least, that it is keeping score which causes the anxiety which is "it".

Good luck beating "it" to all who suffer and to those who don't have "it", be careful what you read.

Ted A. Young:
Hummmm.  Blood pressures seem way to high on this subject.  What ever happened to "tolerance"???  Never had IT.  Don't want IT.  Can live with out IT.  and no, my wife's name is not IT.    :D    ;)    :knothead:

(QUOTE)Hummmm. Blood pressures seem way to high on this subject. What ever happened to "tolerance"???(/QUOTE)

My question exactly!!!

(QUOTE)Please don't insult my efforts, don't presume that you or anyone else has worked any harder or want any more than I have at becoming an accurate shot. I think my technique is proven too....and I sho nuff have put the time and effort into it(/QUOTE)

JC, tell me how I insulted your efforts.  I never said a thing about you.

(QUOTE)I'm just curious why it is so difficult for you to possibly consider my way is correct for me...(/QUOTE)

JC, when did I ever say that it wasn't?  

(QUOTE)I quite often hear people touting there way is the only right way and other folks is the wrong way. I find that pompous and arrogant personally, I would never assume someone was wrong just because I didn't agree with them.(/QUOTE)

You're exactly right, JC and for you to insinuate that I am implying it's my way or the highway, is absurd and quite honestly, offensive to me.

(QUOTE)Congratulations to you great instinctive/snap shooters. You must have some God given talent that most archers do not have, including myself. Consider yourselves lucky, blessed or whatever.(/QUOTE)

I have been nothing but polite and respectful.  I will repeat it again....based on the videos I've seen, Terry, Guru and you are blessed and in a class of archers all your own.  THAT IS MEANT TO BE A COMPLIMENT!  But apparently I missed the mark.

(QUOTE)And some of you with this TP ailment might seriously consider taking Rob up on his offer. He's been around the block more than once let me tell ya.(/QUOTE)

(QUOTE)For you current poor TP demonized souls: I hope some of this post helps ya get back to good shootin and good huntin real quick(/QUOTE)

When did I ever say I had TP????  Yes I've had it and dwelt with it, but now I know how to deal with it when it pops up, through some excellent help I've had.  

JC, why can't you accept that I have found a "way" that works for me and want to tell others.  Kind of like spreading the Gospel.  I want to help others.  It's just a character flaw of mine.  But I am darn sure NOT try to force my way on you and anyone else for that matter.  You can choose to agree or disagree, listen or not listen...just like everyone else that may see this.

By the way, JC, I shot just like you three guys up until 2 yrs ago.  And was darn good.  I've got the trophies to prove it.  But being good 80-90% of the time wasn't good enough for me.  That's when I switched my style completely.  Was it hard?  You bet!  Was it worth it?  Words cannot desribe how happy I am with my shooting.  I'm twice the shooter I ever was and know what it feels like to shoot with 100% predictability.  The point is...making the switch is possible if one is willing to put forth the effort.

Now, for those who have tried to shoot like Terry, Guru and you and it just isn't cut'n it for them, maybe they'll see something that I've said and want to investigate.  Isn't that what this place is all about....hmmmm?  Exchange of ideas.

(QUOTE)Target panic IS the inability to control ones shot and it IS 100% mental.

Most archers I've seen don't have control of their shots and thus, in my opinion, suffer from some degree of TP. It is most apparent to me with the instinctive/snap shooters.(/QUOTE)

That was my initial comment in this thread; a very simple, black and white statement.  It was neither rude nor disrepectful.  But apparently I pushed a button somewhere.  And as far as I'm concerned this whole thread has been blown way out of proportion.


Rob DiStefano:

--- Quote ---Originally posted by Steertalker:
.... And as far as I'm concerned this whole thread has been blown way out of proportion.

--- End quote ---
You got that right.  I think we've all said our piece.  TP is real, it's a mental condition, it can be beaten, if you've got it then you do need to seek help.  Good luck to all, and goodbye.


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