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I have to agree with Curtis on this one. Here is an example from another window. Some years ago my then sister in law became agoraphobic. About six months after that, my exwife broke her toe. The stress from that brought on... yep, agoraphobia. It took us four years to get her to start going out of the house again. You may say in this case that it was hereditory, but the fact that it happened within six months of each other suggests to me that it was just that, suggestion.
I'm not saying that TP does not exist, just that because it is talked about so much now, there has to be an element of auto suggestion involved in contracting it. I coach a compound shooter who is just about dealing with it, but it would have made my job easier if we knew how to prevent it rather than try to cure it.

"Understand, I have no clue what this disease is nor do I wish to know".Gimmie a break CK..looks like you know something about it if you spent all that time printing all this on it   :rolleyes:      "There was no such thing as Target Panic 30 years ago." Got a bunch of my Dads old Archery mags from the 60's that talked alot about it. Even got a video of Fred Bear talkin about his battles with it.

Having a bad shooting day(for lots of different reasons) and target panic are 2 different things.Target panic is pretty generic term for lack of control, not much to do with hit/miss although with no control you do miss alot.

"I think this happens because so many archers are looking for the reason they shoot bad and it seems to be an easy diagnosis where the archer is constantly trying to "cure" hisself instead of relaxing, concentrating, and shooting without a thought process. Just be the "Force" Luke!" That was a good explanation, especially the shooting without a thought process, but you had to go and use "the force"   :rolleyes:   I dont know a single good shooter who used "the force" so to speak to shot well. I know alot of shooters that are looking "for the force"...have it one day gone the next...good shooters have that complete thought process with a goal of shooting EVERY arrow with repeatable, controlled accuracy so that they can hit that bale shot that you care little about BUT can also deliver a broadhead thru the heart of a screaming bull elk.

"Once you think you have it, then you in turn must believe you have to find some cure to rid yourself of it. See? Stimulate your archery with positive thoughts, not fear of missing. It truly is that simple." Simple yes...easy NO. Positive training is the answer and the reason its not easy is most are not willing to do the hard WORK it takes to train and use that positive training that promotes a good shot process and eliminates that loss of control.

Sorry about my rant but you hit a cord    :thumbsup:

Whew...I think you guys are reading too much into this. I think he has a valid point here, but if you don't agree, don't act like he killed yer dog    

I certainly believe this dreaded beast that attacks many archers is all in our head. It may have little or nothing to do with physical issues, as I have known some very good archers with excellent form to "catch" it.

I think Curtis's point, at least as I read it, is about denying the negativity of TP, therefore it has no control over you. Positive mental reinforcement has been scientifically proven to improve performance in numerous sports...and even physical health. Have you tried beating TP by believing it doesn't exist?    :rolleyes:   Something to think about....

I,ve had this.I could throw an arrow by hand better than I could shoot it.I was going to walk away but instead I picked up 2 nutters and headed to the woods.Started out shooting big targets,now i'm shooting leaves off of trees.
Whats the point of this ramble? In my case the 3d targets was forceing me into looking at the whole target and not picking a spot.When i'm stumping i'm hunting.Walking through the woods looking for something to kill.
I do not think I will go back to 3d targets.People have asked what are you going to do when a deer walks by,looks like a 3d target? I'll cross that bridge when I get there but i'm confident in my shot now so I'll drag that deer to the truck.
Don't know if this will help but it helped me.
Thanks for letting me ramble.

JC's perception of what I was saying is absolutely correct. I reread what I wrote in my original post this morning and realized that what I have said may sound like bashing. Absolutely not so!!!

I truly know nothing about this whole issue except what Charlie explained to me. After hearing a little about what it supposedly is, I knew immediately that I didn't even want to think on it. Even more so I want guys who don't have whatever "Target Panic" is to contract it. I feel if a shooter as good as Charlie can contract such a thing as TP just by reading about it, then are we not spreading it by constantly showcasing it. Im just saying that if the whole issue is totally a mental issue, it can and will be transferred to others simply by constantly highlighting it. Overcomming mental issues are no doubt horrible. The up side is that they are cureably totally through changing a thought process. Im not sure why anyone would fear missing but worse things are feared I suppose.

To fail is lifes greatest teacher.
To accept failure is lifes greatest tragety.

Good luck overcomming this thing! CK


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