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Shooting practicing for animals running

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What are you using to practice?

I go out on a windy day at an open field or gravel pit and use air baloons. Geee, that's a lot of fun.
When you do this, please take the residues and discard them prpperly and keep our sport clean.

An old tire with a duct tape x across back with a balloon stuck inside the tire.  Find a hill and a friend and you are set.  Joseph

I cut balls out of old 3-d targets and kick and shoot.

Hello Deadeyed,

great idea. I will get similar foam and start it and on weekends with a friend.

Can I name this K&S practicing?

There very many inventive and creative members in this forum. I hate to see arrow spine and broadheads the only item to be discussed weekly.

Matt E:
Our group had a foam deer on a cable. Te cable was at an angle and the deer was on rollers . We took turns  pulling him up and letting him go. This was a while ago.Don't make the mistake I made. I cut numerous i2" cirles out of cardboard and glued them together until it was three inches thick. We rolled them across the ground and let it have it with arrows. The angle the arrows struck the target and the weight of it caused several arrows to be broken. Thought I had better warn you.
Take care all.


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