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Novelty Shoot ideas for Trad Event

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I enjoy any kind of 1 on 1 speed round comp. Is the compound portion of the club helping put on the shoot? When our local club does trad only it is just the stick folks who do the work. Besides sliver flickers are easier on targets.

You're giving me some great ideas.  Keep them coming.  Rob, I fear most of the compund shooters won't show.  Could you elaborate more on the speed competition?  I sure miss Idaho....many good memories.

Bow birds with Flu Flu's seems to be very popular and is fairly dramatic visualy. We made a bunch out of 5 layers of card board cut into discs.  Just a spot of red paint for a center to separate the double hits. We have the launcer behind a low building tossing them up for groups of 4 at a time. Lots of good humor, does require a feild though.  Also just to mix it up it's good to have a few tha are just cardboard rings, lots of puffed chests declaring they went through the open ring after they came down un scathed.

set 2x6 on a couple bales 20 yrd out with 5 8x8 foam blocks lined up on top of it. 2 shooters 3 arras each whoever knocks the most off wins

Mjh mentioned a couple of shoots above.

 Take a deck of cards and sell each card $1 a piece, tear the card in 1/2. 1/2 the card to the shooter the other in a can. When they are all sold, {depending how many shooters you have you can sell 2 decks by having a red and blue deck}.
Now you draw 2 cards out of the can and the shooters compete head to head in some sort of speed round like the clay pigoens mentioned above. the winner gets his card put in round 2 can, and so on till you are down to the last 2 shooters and the winner splits the pot with the club.

One shoot has a post they welded about 5 feet high with a cross piece about 3 feet long. They attached some small pulley on each end of the cross piece. Now picture a string ran through both pulleys and hanging about3 feet off the ground with them strong little spring clips you can buy at office supply store. Take ziplock bags and put the same amount of water in each bag. Clip one bag on each side. Shooters get 3 arrows, they might shoot all and have to retrieve and shoot again. You hit the bag above water line and nothing happens, below water line and one bag raises and the other falls. The loseres bag is the one to hit the ground first. IT IS A HOOT!


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