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Novelty Shoot ideas for Trad Event

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Dave Worden:
An SCA group I sometimes shoot with had one they called "Poison the Well".  Hula hoop 30" or so parallel to and above the ground.  From 100 yds try to drop arrows into the "well".  They did it for fun, but if you want to charge: maybe a buck an arrow; all shoot from 100, winners split 1/2 the pot, the other half to the club.  No winners, move up 10 yds and try again, etc. etc.  It's amazing how hard it is (for me) to judge the distance.  No shooting at full draw though, 'cause the arrows go too high and out of sight.

Mike, "Bamboo", I got ahold of a shop vac (mine only sucked) to try your suggestion. I set it up in the house and it worked like a champ (as long as I used the full hose and all wand sections). I moved it outside to try the shooting set-up, and the least little breeze takes the ball out of the air stream so quick no one would get a chance to shoot. Any suggestions as to a cure that would make it work out?

Doug R:
Use a large cardboard box with a side cut out around it or some straw bales or ply wood to block the wind. If its realy windy it just doesnt work to well. I set mine up so the ball was floating about 12" to 18"  off the end of the pipe. If it floats to high put a piece of pcv pipe in the line and drill holes in it to let the preasure off. I used some 2X4s and a cheap blue tarp to make a little wind break. Looks like a over grown dog house with no door in the front or a back on it just sides and a roof. Use a bag target for a back stop.

For our Easter shoot we took a bunch of the cheap plastic eggs and hung them from the brush around the targets with sewing thread. Inside the eggs we put slips of paper good for various prizes. Real boiled Easter eggs, cup cakes and such make for good prizes. The "Grand " prize was free registration for next months shoot. One shot at egg of your choice after your shot at the target. We really have a lot of fun doing this. We make the shots at the eggs fairly close, around 10 yards or so.  :bigsmyl:

Thanks, Doug R We most always have wind to some degree here in Coastal NC Don't know if I can make it work or not.


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