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Roger Norris:
Lately I have been shooting quite a bit at 40 yards +...actually a measured 43 yards. It seems to be a pretty good lesson. I started out shooting at an orange dot on the face of a 5X5 black backstop. Not only does it point out the weak spots in your form, it sure is fun to watch the arrows fly all that distance. Tonight, I placed a Mckenzie in front of the taught me that a good group at 40 yards can still be an ugly gut shot on an animal. I suggest everyone try it. Heck, where else can you be proud of a 6" group!!  :bigsmyl:

joe skipp:
I agree Roger. I constantly practice out to 40 concentrating on small objects. It helps me prepare for chasing Mulies around the Wyoming prarie but it also improves my close range shots.

I love practicing at longer ranges! Granted I pretty much suck it up from that distance, but, like you said, "it sure is fun to watch'em fly that far." Plus I get lucky every once in a while and get a good shot in.

We old farts get together in the morning in the summer and shoot our 3-d course at the range,after coffee,of course. We shoot shoots from 15-75 yards. You are right when you said it is fun to watch the flight of the arrow. Amazing how many times we get good shots on the 74 yd buffalo. Course it don't take much to amuse us!!


I have a decent 3-d herd down in the woods (6) and I keep two burlap bags strung between trees 40 yards apart, they are my simulated elk and I pound on em every evening with a few shots at the deer in between.


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